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Realist Oil Painting Demonstration

In our most recent fourth Thursday demonstration series, LJAA featured artist and member Sherry Roper. Sherry is an accomplished oil and watercolor painter; for her demo this week she treated attendees to glimpse into her oil painting method.

For the demo, Sherry brought a previously prepared value study underpainting of her subject - lilies. She then described and demonstrated the classical "indirect" method of painting, carefully adding the color in transparent and opaque glazes on top of the value study. This style of painting was employed by the Dutch masters and results in amazing realism. The end result of Sherry's demonstration created a near-photographic result that is luminous! Thank you, Sherry, for sharing your knowledge with the attendees - it was fun to see "the master at work".

Mark your calendar for the fourth Thursday of each month to join us for future demonstrations. Next month, on September 22 from 4-6pm, Julie Sanderson will demonstrate silk painting. There is no fee to attend; feel free to invite a friend!


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