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Participate in LJAA's October/November Exhibit

Hi Members! Just a reminder that Artwork Intake Day for LJAA's October/November show is planned for Saturday, October 1st from 9-11 am. Now is the time to begin planning your entries for the show!!

If you plan to participate your Wall Tags need to be submitted to Dan Pressman by 5pm on Wednesday September 28th. You can read the Call for Entries by clicking here and the Member Exhibit Entry Requirements by clicking here. Please review both documents carefully and come prepared. All relevant documents for entry, including the Wall Tag template, are on our website under the "Exhibition" section of the "For Members" menu option.

As a further reminder, the Reception for this Exhibit is Thursday, October 20th from 4-6pm at the LJCC.

Need help keeping on top of LJAA activities and dates? We have a one-page calendar of events that outlines Art Intake Days, Demonstrations and Receptions throughout the remainder of 2022. Click here to access this calendar.

We look forward to seeing you on Intake Day - October 1.


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