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Water-based oil paints... Isn't that an oxymoron?

As a reminder, La Jolla Art Association is hosting a water-based oil painting demonstration with Artist-Member Virginia Howlett. The demo will be held at the La Jolla Community Center this Thursday, October 27th from 4-6pm. Attendance is free, so invite a friend or two and make it an outing.

Virginia will demonstrate how she uses water-based oils on canvas to create an impressionist-style landscape painting from a reference photo. Many artists prefer water-based oils as they are less toxic than traditional oil paints/solvents. Virginia will discuss the differences between acrylic paint, traditional oils and water-based oils, and describe the difference between photo-realism and impressionist styles of painting. Virginia is an accomplished artist and has a wealth of knowledge to share - click here to learn more about her background and view additional works of art. You can also click here to browse her website and see more examples of her work.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday!


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