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In Memory of Jeff Brosbe:


Arboreal Impressions


Beginning June 15th, an exhibition of his work will be on view at the La Jolla Community Center until June 29th. 

Reception: June 18th from 1 - 4 pm 

Brosbe Bark Altered.jpg
Brosbe Bark Aquarium.jpg

Minnie Valero:  Watercolor Magic

Daniel Kilgore:  Collections

June and July

Reception:  June 18th from 1 - 4 pm

  The La Jolla Community
  Center is now open. To 
  enter, you must wear a 
  mask and be vaccinated
  or show proof of a Covid


Beginning July 1:

Alive by the Sea

      Lindsay Ahart 

      Gloria Moeller


The exhibition will be on view at the La Jolla Community Center until the end of July.


Reception:  July 9th

from  2:30 - 5:30 pm 

Moeller Entering the Surf (1).jpg
Ahart_ A Day on Hanalei.jpg
Moeller Shadows on the Sand.jpg
Ahart_Electric jellies.jpg
Valero_exhibition (2).jpg

Online Exhibit 

June and July

 Now showing online

  Jeffrey R. Brosbe

To access:

Click on the name of the artist or go to menu heading Online Show and click on the artist

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Kilgore 2.jpg


For more information about these exhibitions, contact:

Arthur Wang: yungchienwang@gmail.com

Lindsay Ahart: gidget4lb@aol.com

Gloria Moeller:

    photos@lifeimages by gloria.com

Minnie Valero: MinnieValero@yahoo.fr

Daniel Kilgore: dckilgore@comcast.net

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