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Julia Hiebaum

My images represent a continuous search for a harmonious balance between the perception and the emotional, whether in a spontaneous instant or a studied environment.

Since moving to California in 2007, the infinite array of colors have captured my senses, along with the vastness of space and appreciation of my surroundings. I am particularly drawn to ethereal and dreamy manifestations in nature, unraveling in an effortless display of transient yet timeless beauty.

To purchase my artwork, please contact me at:

JuliaHiebaum_Flowering Azalea.jpg

Flowering Azalea, Photograph     

JuliaHiebaum_Sunset Hues.jpg

Sunset Hues, Photograph

JuliaHiebaum_Rainbow Tulip.jpg
JuliaHiebaum_Dreamy Waves.jpg

Rainbow Tulip, Photograph

Dreamy Waves, Photograph

Sandpipers at La Jolla Shores Beach,


JuliaHiebaum_Sandpipers at La Jolla Shores Beach, La Jolla, California.jpg
JuliaHiebaum_Blue Glow Agave.jpg

Blue Glow Agave, Photograph

Sunset Clouds in La Jolla, Photograph

JuliaHiebaum_Sunset clouds in La Jolla, California.jpg
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