Nobil artist statement.jpg
Nobil Waiting.jpg

Clown Waiting for his Call  Oil  20x20 wrapped canvas   $850

Nobil_Country Road.jpg

Country Road      Oil     10x8     gold frame      $250

Nobil Girl Clown as Pierrot.jpg

Girl Clown as Pierrot    Oil   24x18   wrapped canvas   $650

Nobil Red Head.jpg

Redhead     Oil      20x24      wrapped canvas    $650   

Nobil Orange Vase.jpg

Orange Vase with Peaches        Oil    wrapped canvas    $475

Nobil Sunflowers Orange Pot.jpg

Sunflowers, Orange Vase   Oil  16x20    wrapped canvas   $540

Nobil Cliffs of La Jolla.jpg

Cliffs of La Jolla    Oil    16x20  gold frame    $450