La Jolla Art Association, a 501(c)(3) 

non-profit community organization.  

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All images on this website are copyright protected and

may not be used without the permission of the

artist and La Jolla Art Association.  All rights reserved.

Board of Directors 


   Nicole Caulfield          


Vice President:               

   Dottie Stanley             



   Jeffrey R. Brosbe        


Interim Treasurer:             

   Ingrid Wolters             


   Leah Higgins              


Membership Chair:           

   Dana Levine              


   Dana Levine              

Social Media Chair:           

   Darlene Katz             

Outside Venues Chair:       

   Minnie Valero           

Hospitality Chair:                 

   Gwen Nobil              

Great Room Chair:             

   Ralph Kingery          

Las Patronas Room Chair: 

   Nicole Caulfield