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Julie Sanderson

When I got certified in scuba diving in 1992, I realized silk was the perfect medium to catch the shimmering beautiful colors of the underwater world.  My mission is to be inspired and guided by God, and hopefully to find Love, Peace and Truth in my art.   I work in several mediums and began my classical art training at nine with drawing and oil painting under a portrait artist from Washington DC.  I received my BA in Fine Arts Magna Cum Laude at UCSD.  I am a member of LJAA (since 2003), San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild (since 2002) and Silk Painters International (since 1997).





Gather lo res.jpg

Gather, 24” x 18” Hand-dyed silk, $950

Gratitude lo res.jpg

Gratitude, 24” x 18” Hand-dyed silk, $950

Dolphins Delight lo res.jpg

Dolphins Delight, 10” X 16” Hand dyed silk canvas wrap, $50

Sandpiper Days 1 lo res.jpg

Sandpiper Days, Hand dyed silk canvas wrap, $50

Sandpipers Bold lo res.jpg

Sandpiper Bold, 11” X 16” Hand dyed silk canvas wrap, $50

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