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I love exploring new media, discovering a new process, and being surprised with unexpected results! Mixed media lends itself to working with varied textures and multiple layers, thus becoming a metaphor for the diversity and complexity of our own lives and environment. My connection to the world around us, the places I seek as touchstones, and the objects that remind me of the glory of nature and the peace of untouched spaces, is an underlying element in my work. Whether working with a variety of handmade papers, found objects, paint, the luminous textures of copper, or the magic of marbled paper, the work strives for a subtle, harmonious richness that indicates depth, without sacrificing simplicity. For me, exploring these layers and textures and objects expresses the ever-changing nature of the personal landscape.

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Red, White and Blue.jpg

RED, WHITE, and BLUE, mixed media, 8 x 24" -  $300  (or $125 each)

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