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Do you love working with color? Acrylic Pour painting is a simple art that produces fun and fabulous results with minimal effort. It allows the artist to experiment with color combinations and create unique works of art inexpensively.

During LJAA's Third Thursday Art Demonstration yesterday, Beverly Brock demonstrated just how easy it is to get started with Pour Painting. Beverly demonstrated how to mix the paint, prepare the canvas and then showed three ways to apply the paint to achieve different effects. The participants were wowed by the stunning results.

Beverly is a member of LJAA and teaches a pour painting workshop for LJCC. To see examples of Beverly work, click here. Click here to see LJCC Art Class offerings, including Beverly's popular Acrylic Pour class.

Congratulations to all La Jolla Art Association members whose artistic and photographic work was accepted and is now on display at the San Diego Fair Fine Art Exhibition and the Photography Exhibition. Many prizes were awarded to our members as well.

Beverly Brock

Darlene Katz

Joan Everds

Cindy Klong

Whitney Moore

Caroline Morse

Sherry Roper

Mark Sherman

Vita Sorrentino

Dottie Stanley

Minnie Valero

Updated: Jun 22

On June 4th, 12 artists entered work for our June-July Exhibition. This is an amazing show with 70 pieces of beautiful new work. (Sneak preview collage above.) Don’t miss it!

Announcing: Thursday, June 16th, from 4-6pm, we are holding a Reception for our exhibiting artists. Come meet the artists, enjoy their work, have a glass of wine, and maybe purchase a painting or two. Exhibiting artists will have some smaller pieces of work at a “Gift Shop” table, too. Don’t miss this event!

Then on Thursday, June 23rd, from 4-6 pm, our very own Beverly Brock will give us a fabulous demonstration of her acrylic pouring techniques. Come, learn, and enjoy! Attendance is free.

And lastly, on Friday, June 24th, from 7-9:15 pm, the La Jolla Community Center will have a Jazz Concert: Holly Hoffman and Mike Wofford performing “The Music of Cole Porter”. (Please click here to visit the LJCC website for ticket information.) La Jolla Art Association will have a “Gift Shop” table set up with small art pieces, cards, etc. in addition to our artwork on the walls.

We are growing, improving, and enjoying your friendship and support.