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Katz Headshot.jpg
Katz Anniversary Roses 8x8 Oil on wood 3
Katz Horse Play 16x20 Oil on Wood 650
Katz_Pelican Patrol 8x10 Oil on wood 350
Katz Two Pugs 8x8 Oil on wood 320
Katz Walk this Way oil on wood 12x12 450

Darlene Katz is an award winning artist based in Southern California.  She was born and raised in Syracuse, New York.  Although Darlene has a doctorate in Immunology, she has always been artistically active, working extensively with oil and acrylic paints, pencil, charcoal, and clay sculpture from an early age. Her focus in the biotechnical industry led her to San Diego where she pursued a successful career, all the while continuing her artistic pursuits.  Darlene has studied art at Sarah Lawrence College in New York and Northwestern University in Illinois and has also studied oil painting with well known artists, including Sebastian Capella and Vanessa Lemen A professional artist since 1999, Darlene’s award winning work is displayed in Southern California galleries and national juried shows, as well as in private and corporate collections. Darlene’s inspiration comes from her travels as well as everyday scenes. She has created a series of oil paintings for each subject she paints, which highlight her versatility with color and value, as well as subject matter. Darlene paints landscapes, figures, portraits and animals. She enjoys capturing special moments of our lives on canvas, whether it’s a sunset, wedding, birth, or a dog with a favorite toy. Her work is technically proficient without losing the freshness of her painting, no matter what the subject and her unique style is recognizable in all of her work. Darlene is active in California art guilds and galleries.  

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