Leah Higgins

Leah Higgins is a native of La Jolla, California, Residing part time in Lake Tahoe. Throughout the 70's and 80's, she has owned "The Ocean Toad", a retail store featuring surf inspired clothing, and manufacturing companies "Toad Grown" and "Leah of California".  Leah served as a freelance Fashion Designer, feeding her unique creativity into every article she created. With a growing family, Leah and her husband Pat, left the fashion industry to join the family business of nursing homes, settling permanently into Pacific Beach.  Now, with 3 adult children, Leah has the time to put into her long standing passion for painting.​


Leah has created hundreds of paintings of everything from still life, landscapes, pets and people.  Her paintings are often commissioned by real estate agents and new home owners to create a unique closing gift or moving announcement.  Newlyweds have received her paintings as one of a kind gifts commemorating their special day, and private collectors have commissioned canvases of places and people special to them to be used as decorative pieces and greeting cards.

Higgins_Torrey Pines Walk
Higgins_Torrey Pines Turnaround
Higgins_The Cross
Higgins_Koi Fantasy
Higgins Wind and Sea

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