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Cherry Sweig 

Cherry Sweig focuses on the charismatic interplay of color, movement and light created with expressive brushstrokes and paint applied in glazed layers. Working in either oils or watercolors, she believes the challenge of the contrasting mediums influence and enhance each other.


Travel provides a main theme in her works featuring seascapes, florals, portraiture and wildlife imagery. While painting on international locations is her passion, she also draws inspiration from the California Coastline, San Diego historical sites and her hometown of La Jolla.


Capturing the first impression of a scene, En plein air, is essential to her process. This evolved into a method of inventive journaling and workshops that she has labeled ‘Paintbooks’. They are works of art in a book format as well as a vital road map for larger collections in studio.


With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and English from San Diego State University, Sweig’s notable exhibits include the Smithsonian Museum, The Kennedy Gallery in Grand Cayman, The Alliance Francaise, The Bishop’s School and The Living Coast Discovery Center. One of her most cherished memories is painting until dark as a guest in Monet's Garden. Since then she has returned to chase that light and embrace a garden intended to be painted forever. Visit her website for portfolios, exhibitions and ‘Traveling as an Artist’ workshops.

Ellen's Vision: Study
Ellen's Vision
Garden Light, Giverny
Pride Of La Jolla
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