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Suzanne Knight

Knight_Keeping Separate from all that is
Knight_Weeping for Our Ocean
Knight_The Thin Line Holding Us Together
Knight_The Butterfly
Knight_Face Your Experience

At Club Med in Cancun, Mexico, 1981, Suzanne took a silk dyeing/painting class, thinking that looked like an interesting alternative to another day of water skiing, sailing and laying around the pool in the sun.  That was the awesome beginning of her rewarding and engaging life long hobby.

Suzanne has been through many creative phases with this tricky little art form.  She has hung art shows, chaired international art exhibits, had booths at street fairs and taught silk dyeing/painting to people of ages from six to ninety six.  Suzanne has dyed/painted scarves, neckties, ruanas, pareaus, room dividers, curtains, stuffed animals, boxer shorts.  The list of fun things to do with silk dyeing/painting continues to grow.

Suzanne believes that the fun is in the journey. Her whimsical silk art and fun workshops reflects that attitude.

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