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Composition Workshop

On Thursday, November 17th, Dana Levine led an interactive workshop exploring composition. It was an informative and fun afternoon for everyone who attended.

During the workshop Dana covered a number of compositional concepts. She covered the "Rule of Thirds' and showed various examples. Attendees were then able to experiment by doing some simple abstract drawings to create a composition and then work to refine it. She also discussed composition concepts for figure placement in artwork and showed various examples, including several works she has completed of Mexican Dancers that she has photographed, painted and drawn in various compositions, each time experimenting with placement of the figures. Attendees then had a chance to make their own composition using the photos of the dancers.

Thank you to Dana for sharing her expertise with the group in such a fun and engaging way.

Please plan to join us for our next demonstration scheduled for Thursday, January 26th from 4-6. Member Valerie Saiag will be giving a workshop on creating the Artist Resume and Bio.


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