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Hooshang Yashar

I have always been an artist.  I have had the ability to draw objects accurately since childhood.  Art has always been uplifting and a source of inspiration to me. I like to have the viewer make a connection with my art.  I have been influenced by old renaissance as well as contemporary
masters. No matter what state of mind I am in, portraying nature or my ideas on canvas, in my particular style has always brought me joy and peace of mind.  If I can invoke the same stimulation in my audience, it is a definite bonus.


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Cinema, Oil - 16x18    $700 

Happy Hour.jpg

Happy Hour, Oil - 14x18    $800 

Coastal Laguna.jpg

Coastal Laguna, Oil - 24 x 36   $1200


Turquoise, Oil - 24 x 36   $1200

Ocean Glow.jpg

Ocean Glow, Oil - 24 x 36   $1200

red scarf.jpg

Red Scarf, Oil - 18 x 24   $900

A History.jpg

A History, Giclee - 16x20    $550

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