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Peggy Hinaekien

I am foremost a color-field painter and am fascinated by the warm earth tones of the desert landscape and the cool blue hues of the oceans. My colors are evocative of the Egyptian landscape - the quality of the light of the Sinai desert and the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean Sea. This has left an indelible impression on me and has influenced most of my work. I rarely work with a preconceived vision for the final product, thus allowing the possibility of ambiguity and surprise. Conceptually, I try to immerse the viewer in the perceptual experience of space, color and light. My paintings actualise perception by carefully balancing these elements. By using color and texture, I try to breathe movement into my abstract landscapes to guide the viewer into the paintings, making him or her wander into a different reality.  

Hanaekian Head.jpg
Hinaekin Three Blue Sails
Hinaekin Two Birds ona Wire
Hinaekin The Red Fence
Hinaekin Silent Sun
Hinaekin Red Rain Drops
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