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Nicole Caulfield 

Nicole has been studying art since college, where she formally began using charcoal/pencil, oils, acrylics, watercolors, and photographic equipment under the tutelage of John Nagy and Marge Hyde.  She also studied with Southwest artist John Stoner.  She received her degree in Language Arts from San Diego State University after completing her studies in Radiologic Technology.  Her early years living, traveling and schooling in France, Germany, Spain, and Africa also influenced her love and enjoyment of art, architecture, antiquities and cultures.  Later extended travel in Fiji inspired her pursuit of photography which led her to document environmental effects of climate change around coral reefs and to also capture the natural beauty of its natural resources and its island culture.

Her photographic work and paintings have been exhibited at the La Jolla Art Association, the Ryford Library, the Ashton Gallery, the Museum of Man in Balboa Park, the San Diego County Fair, and is currently on exhibit at the La Jolla Community Center.

Caulfield_Peregrine Falcon (1)
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