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Ingrid Wolters

As a young person, Ingrid Wolters, emigrated from Germany.

Although she loved drawing at an early age, her focus was on building a future in this country.


She received a Bachelor’s Degree in business at National University and retired from the Title  Insurance Industry.


Her career left little time to pursue the arts and her desire to paint.  In 2001 she started art classes with Perietta Hester, in 2008 with Ray Anne Marks.


Her abstract paintings have a unique quality of drawing you into the work. Her selection of stunning colors combined in fluid movements of shapes and lines capture your imagination.

Their almost mystical qualities evoke deep thoughts and emotions. She has developed her own signature style.

As the French artist, Georges Braque, once said: “There is only one valuable thing in art, the things we can not explain.”


Artist’s Statement:

My passion is abstract design, vivid color combinations in fluid movements to create beauty and capture the viewer’s imagination.



La Jolla Art Association,

and the Clairmont Art Guild.



-Blooming Desert
ingrids wave
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