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Jeffrey R. Brosbe

Jeffrey R. Brosbe is drawn to light and form. He is a collector.


His images, fine art photographic prints offered in extremely limited editions, represent his collection of things, “… that touch me, that stimulate me, that move me emotionally or intellectually, or, best of all, in both ways.”

He considers the creation of an image the same as the creation of a Haiku: “It should be whole and meaningful in itself while providing greater insight when pondered further.”


His earliest saved negative was created in 1952. However, it was not until 1994 that he began showing his work in public. His first solo exhibition was in 1995. His web site is .


He says: Visually, my work is built around shape, light, and shadow. The essence of my images however are moments in time which, in their contemplation, communicate my personal response to the world which is sometimes a wry, ironic smile; at others awestruck;, and sometimes in a realm between these poles.

Brosbe Melk Abby
Brosbe Shaolin
Brosbe Whaence #5
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